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There are a number of fellow consulting firms that focus on agriculture and food system work. The following are firms we know and can vouch for their quality and integrity:

Agriculture and Community Development Services
Phil Gottwalls
Columbia, MD

ACDS works with industry, communities, and economic development agencies to create innovative support and development programs for resource-based industry sectors such as agriculture, forestry, seafood, and mining. They approach all their projects from the perspective that long-term economic prosperity contributes to the sustainability of communities and regeneration of business opportunity.

Karp Resources
Karen Karp
Southold, NY

Karp Resources is dedicated to the successful growth of food and agriculture enterprises. Its philosophy and operating units are founded on two core beliefs and disciplines: Good Food is Good Business. Food that's healthy for your bottom line, the well-being of your customers and environmentally sound is the recipe for long-term success. Karp Resources' "Good Food is Good Business" unit supports clients in planning and integrating these sustainability principles and practices into strategic plans and financial business models.

Market Ventures Inc.
Ted Spitzer
Portland, ME

Market Ventures, Inc., is a specialty urban planning and economic development firm that assists public, nonprofit, and for-profit clients with planning, creating, and managing innovative food-based projects and programs. They have particular expertise in public markets and farmers' markets, where they blend cutting-edge business practices with a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the unique challenges facing local farmers and small businesses.

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc.
Shanna Ratner
St. Albans, VT

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc., is a consulting firm specializing in rural community economic development since 1985. The principal has over 18 years experience managing complex research initiatives and analyzing rural economic development opportunities. She has worked closely with federal, state, and local governments, citizen groups, and nonprofit organizations in identifying and implementing solutions to a range of natural resource-based development challenges. Yellow Wood Associates has received three awards from USDA's Small Business Innovation in Rural Development program.