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Photo at top: A Concord grape vineyard overlooks Lake Erie in the Concord Grape Belt outside Westfield, New York. Photo copyright © 2007 by Duncan Hilchey.

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Survey of Potential Journal Subscribers

As a key part of our planning for publishing an agriculture and food system development journal, New Leaf conducted an on-line survey of potential subscribers, including NGO and agency staffers, farmers, and academics. We tabulated the results of the first 1,200 respondents. We were pleased - though not surprised! - at the level of interest in a peer-reviewed journal on agriculture and food system development. As a group, respondents leaned toward a traditional peer-reviewed journal that includes both a set of articles on a theme as well as a smorgasbord of non-theme content. Naturally, there were a couple of questions raised by respondents about how this new journal would relate to existing publications and networks. We have designed the new journal to complement the content of existing publications and support the critical work of collaborative networks that have been established in recent years.

Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts to share about the journal ( Visit our Publishing page to get more details.

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The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Our flagship publication, the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD) is an online, international, peer-reviewed journal focused on applied research and best practices in the development of thriving farming communities and sustainable food systems. Peer reviewers and advisors include development practitioners, organization and agency staff, faculty, graduate students, consultants, and farmers from around the world with expertise in a wide range of agriculture and food systems issues as they relate to community, ecological sustainability, and economic development. JAFSCD is online at

Authors are invited to submit papers under one of two categories: 1. OPEN CALL

The Journal welcomes papers at any time on any subject related to the development aspects of agriculture and food systems. Learn more about submissions to JAFSCD.


Click here to learn about the latest special topic call.

AgDevONLINE Is Here!

AgDevONLINE, a companion website to JAFSCD, provides practitioners with a vehicle for sharing ideas, tools, and resources to enhance their projects and professional development. The site includes polls, statistical data, and a newsfeed of items of interest to food systems professionals and researchers.

The Progressive Ag Rankings is a new tool for agriculture development practitioners to gauge how "progressive" their agricultural community is, based on our proprietary analysis of data from the 2007 Ag Census. Benchmark your community now and compare it with results from the 2012 Ag Census as soon as it's available!

Another highlight of AgDevONLINE is PubShare, a place to upload and share practitioners' white papers, student papers, and theses and dissertations with your colleagues. Material can also include gray or "fugitive" material such as project reports, evaluations, articles, and the like - anything useful to other practitioners. You may not have time to produce a peer-reviewed paper for the journal, but you just might have time to hunt around your office or computer for useful material to share. Who knows, you may inspire the next best practice!